Some Awesome Military Inspired Gadgets

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A country’s defense is solely dependent upon its army and the army of any country does whatever it can to strengthen its military outlook. Though Manpower is important for an army however in today’ world a considerable role has to be played by the technology as well. Armies of the world try to equip themselves up with the best gadgets, weapons and technology available.

Though a military of a country hardly discloses about its technology projects or gadgets however there are many companies out there who try to use the army grade technology to develop some of the most cutting edge gadgets. The beauty of these gadgets is that since military technology has been used in them hence they become highly tactical and wonderful to operate.



The Military Inspired Gadgets:

In this article we will be discussing some of the best military inspired Gadgets, The companies which manufactured these gadgets got inspiration from the cutting edge military technology and developed them. It would be a gigantic task to discuss all these gadgets in a single article hence just to give an insight to the readers of this article we will be discussing a selected number of such cutting edge gadgets.

  1. I key: if you are searching for a device which consists of computer technology of wearable nature then the I key is the best device for you to gets your hands on. The gadget has been manufactured by SpecOps. The operation of the device is similar to a normal desktop however it is portable which gives it an extra edge. The device can be attached with your forearm and hence can be utilized by you anywhere at any time.
  2. Robots (Delta Unit):The delta unit robots are the part of wireless video inspection robots. These robots are very handy as far as affordable surveillance is concerned. A common man can utilize this robot for the sole purpose of house monitoring.
  3. Bat plane: It is a plane which very much looks like a bat. The plane is equipped with sharp senses of a bat. The plane consists of surveillance features like sensors, camera and radar etc.
  4. Exoskeleton:This particular gadget according to many got its idea and inspiration from the famous Movie “Terminator”. The product is ideal for all those people who are military game maniacs.
  5. Wrist Watch: Dick Tracy:This particular wrist watch was developed by the Israeli military. The device comes along with a system of video known as V-Rambo. The device has the ability to stream live videos to the on ground soldiers from airplanes etc. it helps the soldiers in planning out their attacks. The device is handy for ordinary people in tasks such as mining and agriculture.


  1. Military Wrist computer:Another army inspired technological product is the Military write computer. This computer is very robust and comes with a Linux Operating system. The device is resistant to water, dust and all other natural elements. This military inspired gadget can be used by anyone.
I love that technology is something that is completely fluid and ever-changing. Every time you turn around, there is something new and breathtaking that you may have seen in a movie or read in a book, but never really thought was possible to have existed in the flesh. Technology can also be terrifying as it is powerful. People are coming up with technology you never thought possible, meaning that it is something out of the range of the average person’s PaloAlto-CAknowledge.

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