The Coolest Gadgets: Making Military Technology Interesting

Written by RevisionEyewear


I will not glass over the fact that war is awful and sad on a level that words cannot begin to explain. But with that said, there are some pretty awesome gadgets out there. The gadgets are of course used because there are threats to solider safety throughout the world, but even so are probably pretty fun to play with. I am not saying that these pieces should be used as toys, but I am saying that the creators are so innovative, that technology becomes fun.

Here is just a couple of the coolest solider technology out there.

  • ARGUS C4I: The ARGUS C4I is used for military intelligence and communication. It provides a short loop IdZ_Gladiusbetween receiving information and acting on the information, giving uses the data in real-time. It has sensing abilities and is used for mission management. It utilizes radar technology.
  • Utilis Shelters: With a range of sizes, the Utilis Shelters are designed for use in areas of extreme medical contamination, including Ebola outbreaks. The shelters are made from a PVC canvas that is held inside of an aluminum structure. They are designed to be field operational within 3 minutes, with the current record at 2 minutes and 40 seconds. With the innovative design in a range of sizes, the quick assembly meets both civilian and military needs as emergency shelters, decontamination shelters, camps, and field hospitals.
  • Blighter AUDS: The Blighter AUDS is a remotely piloted blighter-auds-anti-uav-defence-system-2drone system that is used to neutralize unmanned aircraft that is being used for hostile surveillance or malicious activity. With the combination of electronic-scanning radar target detection, electro-optical tracking, as well as directional inhibition capability, the system is both powerful and effective, while saving members of the military from entering into hazardous environments. The system’s hawkeye camera is state-of-the-art, with a high resolution thermal camera and video tracker. The tracker communicates with the operator through a high-powered antenna and a security radar that has an 8 km detection range.
  • Rapiscan Detectra HX:The Rapiscan Detectra HX is a hand-held threat detection device, meant to find explosive traces for a broad range of explosives. It operates by scan for nitrates, peroxides, and plastic explosives for either commercial or homemade devices and is capable of detecting multiple materials within the same sample. Detectra HX has been designed to minimize operation costs by not needing any routine maintenance, unlike other similar products. It also has a fast start up time and is completely automatic and self-calibrating. The product detects using a touch-free inhalation sampling method as well as a swipe sampling method, keeping the operator as safe as possible.
  • Radiation Detection Products:The Radiation Detection hpd-teaserProduct Line is meant to address the international needs of governments to be able to safely monitor as well as locate unauthorized radiation sources. The product line is meant to integrate with the company’s x-ray threat detection products as the Detection Product Line is based with both software and hardware solutions. The entire product line is comprised of software for vehicle and cargo inspection, monitoring and control software, and monitors for personnel, cargo, and parcels. These products are typically used by the TSA and at customs during international crossings.
  • CounterBomber: The CounterBomber is an easily assembled system used for detecting suicide vests and other explosive threats that may be on a person. The threats can be quickly detected in order to be mitigated before detonation. This product has been tested by the United States government as well as other international security agencies and is a proven asset for providing protection at high-value locations, including hospitals, military bases, and federal buildings. Its design is meant to reduce training and maintenance costs as there is no operator interpretation necessary.


I love that technology is something that is completely fluid and ever-changing. Every time you turn around, there is something new and breathtaking that you may have seen in a movie or read in a book, but never really thought was possible to have existed in the flesh. Technology can also be terrifying as it is powerful. People are coming up with technology you never thought possible, meaning that it is something out of the range of the average person’s PaloAlto-CAknowledge.

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