Crowd Control: Military Technology

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Military technology goes way beyond just weapon to shoot people or harm people. There are so many different elements to think about when you think about the needs of a solider. Between food, lodging, and life essentials, there is also the question of safety that is beyond a gun. How do soldiers keep themselves safe when they need to? There are many different things that they use, but one of the most important things is that they have the ability to control crowds.

They do crowd control through the ability to construct barriers and walls that are not permanently fixed, but will do the job of keeping soldiers as well as civilians safe and separate from unrest that does not apply to them. Here are some of the coolest crowd control military technology ideas that are out there. The company known as Polmil, located in the United Kingdom, is on the forefront of the best technology that is out there to help keep things in and unwanted things out.

Standard Fence

standard-overlap-panelsThe Standard Fence is designed to be installed rapidly on any terrain and surface. It is as secure to a traditional in-ground security fence system, but is intended to be temporary. It is comprised of six components to make it sturdy and is operator friendly. There is no training required to use the fence.

Mob Attack Tested, BASE Level Fence

The Mob Attack Tested Fence is an on-ground fence that uses a heavier support structure than the Standard Fence. It is intended to look less aggressive than traditional systems and has been proven to be effective at resisting physical group attacks by highly motivated people.

PAS 68 Rated Fence

The PAS 68 Fence is also a mob-attack tested fence, crash-fence-30-2but has the additional security to protect against a vehicular attack with its StreetBlocker system. In testing, even after being rammed by an attack vehicle the fence remained intact, not allowing the vehicle or a person through.

Heathrow Approved

The Heathrow Approved has a weldmesh and vertical concrete barriers to prevent vehicular ramming and prevents any aggressive party from passing through. It is designed to be narrow, but still provides good stability and is an effective deterrence from vehicle impact.


London LutonAcoustic-fence

The London Luton fence has a concrete ballast and has been approved for use at airports. It is used for segregating  temporary works at the airport and is 3 meters high.


On-Ground Hoarding

The On-Ground Hoarding fence uses a mesh reinforced steel panel and scaffolding support system. It is built to stand on uneven surfaces, even a sloping ground. Each individual panel has its own secure bracing system with the options for doors.

While all of these fences and barriers are meant to help protect lives, sometimes their construction results in more unrest if they are put up in a hostile area. Fences do not build friends, no matter what some people seem to think. It is ideal that the conflicts are worked out without the use of such extreme measures, but the fact of the matter is that we cannot control the actions of others, no matter how determined we are to make it true. There are areas, even in the United States at this very moment, where unrest has become more of a reality than it has been in a lifetime. Because of that, people need to have some kind of structure that will separate the bad from the good.

So it is a good thing that there are these barriers to help keep both the military and civilians safe. This kind of technology is meant to save lives and not take them.

I love that technology is something that is completely fluid and ever-changing. Every time you turn around, there is something new and breathtaking that you may have seen in a movie or read in a book, but never really thought was possible to have existed in the flesh. Technology can also be terrifying as it is powerful. People are coming up with technology you never thought possible, meaning that it is something out of the range of the average person’s PaloAlto-CAknowledge.

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