Effectively Designing Packaging Through Three Strategies

When it comes to marketing your product to consumers, using effective retail packaging is an excellent approach. Once your product is out on the shelves you will want it to really stand out from the competition and you will find a lot of it, different brands and a variety of products trying to pull in consumers towards them. Designing retail packaging brings together art and science and coming up with something effective is the goal. The experience of customers in the store can be broken down into three parts in which you should take different strategies and put them together to create the ideal retail packaging.

Custom retail packaging

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The first part involves drawing in the customer towards your product. You want to make sure that your product can capture the attention of your target audience from a distance enticing them to come closer. This is achieved by creating a compelling statement using the tools of design which are color, shape, and imagery.

Color is your most powerful tool in designing retail packaging as it has the most power of the presence of the products on the shelves. The color can affect how consumers will emotionally respond to the product from a distance. Next to color, the shape of the retail packaging is capable of really differentiating your product from other brands. A different retail packaging shape will make it look unique drawing customers in. In the absence of capability to create uniquely shaped retail packaging, the imagery should be strong yet simple so as to have an impact.

Once your customers have been drawn towards your products, you will want to be able to communicate information effectively. On all of your products, your customers should be able to discern the brand name, logo, and product name from a distant of four feet. When drawn closer, your customers will look over the different products to understand them better and get a feel of the brands.

To be effective in this part, you will want to make it easier for your consumers to be able to navigate through the product and also make it so that as they check out your products they will be brought to your other products as well. You need to make sure that the description, logo, and name of the product are strategically placed so that they look good and also allow customers to get an idea of the quality of the product in comparison to others.

Lastly, you will want it so that customers will actually pick up the product and interact with it. To do this, you should choose materials and components that will make the retail packaging of your line of products look as a set together so as to avoid any confusion with visual elements that look off. Also, you will want to create retail packaging that will make using the product memorable such as a unique method of dispensing so that customers will enjoy using your product at home and continue to buy it again and again.