Does the United States military use non-lethal weapon technology to help spare lives?

I want to first say, before I answer this question, that the stress on the field as a soldier is going to be something that most people cannot relate to if they have not experienced it themselves. I believe that the intent of most soldiers is not to kill, but to defend and protect. In order to help protect others, the military does have a lot of different non-lethal technology. While it is non-lethal, it is still technology that would you never want to happen to you.

What kinds of technology is coming out for the military?

Some of the newest tech that is coming out includes smaller and more accurate drones, apps that can be used on a tablet to help keep better control of where fellow soldiers are at and what they are doing, and electric shock alternative that will shock an opponent’s nervous system, making them immobile, but not actually killing them.

Why do militaries still use lethal weapons?

The army does not go out and mow down random civilians, no matter what you may have read. The first intent is peacemaking and to ensure that the most lives are saved. If it comes down to a fight for life and death, the military has to use lethal means in order to protect themselves as well as the civilians where they are located. There are many vicious wars happening all over the world right now. Even if our country did not start them, we still need to protect the people there, which will sometimes mean the use of lethal weapons.

Can any military equipment be bought by regular civilians?

As far as weaponry goes, most of the time you may not buy military-grade weaponry. There is no reason for a civilian to have a rocket launcher or a machine gun. It is just a set up for disaster. But there are some pieces of technology that have transferred over to the civilian side. For example, my wife gave me my own drone for Christmas. Where the military uses the drones for mostly reconnaissance, I get to fly my own drone around my neighborhood and look at people’s yards and pools. Since there is a mini drone coming to the military soon, there should be likewise a mini drone coming out on the market for us to buy.

Does the PHASR actually blind people?

The PHASR has been a big concern for a while now. Since the UN banned anything that could cause blindness, most countries will not even attempt to use a technology like that. Our country, however, is trying to be sneaky on the matter. By using technology that is dangerous and painful, it is effective, but the blindness it causes is temporary and should wear off in time. Whether the PHASR should actually be allowed to be used is a completely different story. It seems that the United States was being sneaky about it, but it still works.