Features and Types of Military Binoculars

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The Military Binoculars are commonly used by the army personnel in their military exploits; however the equipment can also be used by the common man for other purposes such as surveillance and hunting. The highly detailed designs of the military binoculars have made them one of the most preferred equipment among the masses. The overall quality of the military binoculars is much better than many other common binoculars found in the market. The superior quality of the military binoculars is best depicted in its housings, glass and coatings.

Military Binoculars and its features:

There are several unique features associated with the military binoculars; some major features of this highly qualitative gadget are as follows


  • The military binoculars provide you unique features such as clear images in difficult conditions (low light conditions).
  • The Military Binoculars are water resistant or water proof
  • The military binoculars come with camouflaged housing.
  • The military binoculars come with high quality accessories which include multicoated optics and a glass which enhances its vision.
  • Some military binoculars come with ED Glass. The ED Glass has the ability to provide more light to one’s eyes. The glass is more cleaner in nature
  • The Military binoculars come with accessories like compass and reticle. Both these accessories allow the military binoculars in better targeting of the subject. The feature is very useful in hunting operations.

Types of Military binoculars:

Though there is no limit as far as technology is concerned as every day we have new innovations, however some major types of Military binoculars that are available in the market nowadays are as follows.

  • Marine Binoculars (Steiner 8x30mm): These binoculars are very popular in the market and they can be utilized in adventurous locations like canyons, mountain tops and while one is travelling on a boat. These sorts of Military Binoculars are perfect for people who are fond of nature exploration or who enjoy spotting games.
  • SX Rubber Armored Mil Spec Binoculars with Compass (Fujinon 7x50mm Polaris FMTRC): These highly compact Binoculars have gained a lot of popularity in the market. The main Unique selling proposition of these binoculars is its durability and this durability is due to the housing installed in the binoculars. The housing is manufactured via a light alloy which assures long durability and water resistance. These Binoculars are also equipped with rubber armor and even if this armor gets wet, one would not find difficulty in holding the binoculars.



  • Tactical Binoculars (Vortex Viper 10x50mm R/T):These Binoculars are a combination of optics and military features that are excellent as far as the impact on the product functioning is concerned. These Binoculars are ideal to use in the most difficult conditions. The objects of known dimensions can be ranged through R/T reticle.

If you are looking for Military Binoculars then the above mentioned three types can serve as a good starting point for you. The military binoculars are available in various sizes. Some binoculars are small enough to be placed in your pocket while some are so large that you require a case for them.

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