Future Military Gadgets

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Since Man has set foot in this world, he has been continuously innovating. This innovation has been there in all the fields whether it is social science, economics and technology. If we take technology as the point of our discussion, we can safely say that most of the technology innovation has been military based. Gone are the days when people use to fight with sword, arrows and muskets.

Nowadays we have cutting edge technology which has transformed the philosophy of military combat and tactics all together. It is of course not possible for us to discuss the whole evolutionary process of military gadgets over here, However in this particular article we will be sharing some of the future military innovations that are about to be launched. All of these mentioned military innovations are based on cutting edge technology and will add more flair into the overall military outlook of the world.



Military Gadgets of the future:

The military gadgets that will be discussed briefly below are expected to be launched by the US army in the future. The US army is one of the strongest army of the world and perhaps this is the reason why it is also the super power of the world. The future military gadgets are as follows

  • Transformer TX:The transformer TX is the name given to a ground vehicle (Military). The unique feature of this vehicle is that it converts itself into a helicopter and vice versa. The vehicles can be operated by humans.
  • Folding Gun:It is more commonly referred to as the folding machine Gun. The unique feature of this gun is that it can be folded like a cloth.When it is folded it looks like a laptop battery. The gun is a good stealth machine and can make fool of the enemy. The Gun can easily be disguised in a civilian trouser.
  • Robot: It is also known as the wildcat Robot. This robot has the unique ability to run at a speed of around 16 Miles per Hour. It moves like a real animal and is conducive for flat surfaces. The robot provides support to the on ground troops.


  • Google Glass:The Google Glass is a technology which will be developed by the US Navy. The technology is more like the glasses that were shown in the movie “Mission Impossible2”.
  • Underwater vehicle:It is principally a robot that has the ability to operate underwater. It protects the American waters from the mines that may be set up by the enemy. The robot can act without any input from the human beings.

These were some of the Military Gadgets that can be produced in the future. We do see stuff like this in our fictional movies; however we can expect that this can also become a reality soon. If the length of this article would nothave been an obstacle for us, we would have discussed more such devices. We expect that this article will be a good source of information for you.

I love that technology is something that is completely fluid and ever-changing. Every time you turn around, there is something new and breathtaking that you may have seen in a movie or read in a book, but never really thought was possible to have existed in the flesh. Technology can also be terrifying as it is powerful. People are coming up with technology you never thought possible, meaning that it is something out of the range of the average person’s PaloAlto-CAknowledge.

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