Houston Paramedics were crucial to Hurricane Harvey relief

If you have paid attention to current events over the last few months, you have undoubtedly scene round-the-clock coverage of the intense weather that has been occurring. Currently, Puerto Rico is dealing with damage from Hurricane Maria, Florida and many parts of the Caribbean are dealing with damage from Hurricane Irma and large parts of Texas are dealing with damage and flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Footage of the damage has been all over the news for weeks now, showing flooding, uprooted trees, demolished homes, cracked roadways, broken glass, stranded families and pets and other general debris. It is absolutely horrifying and upsetting to see, particularly because so many people lost many of their possessions in the storm.

Perhaps one of the good things to come from the storm, however, is to see how friends, neighbors and cities come together in the wake of disaster to help one another. This was particularly clear in all the photos that emerged of Houston Paramedics like those at Windsor EMS not only doing their part to help protect their city, but going out of their way to provide the best care they could in the circumstances. These heroic medical professionals understood the importance of helping people in a time when they were terrified and worried and much less likely to make appropriate medical decisions for themselves and their families.

Despite the fact that many roads and streets were flooded or obstructed these brave people did their best to provide transportation services and make sure that families were reunited and that those needing medical assistance received it swiftly. In the face of disaster, every city wants to know that it can trust its first responders to do just that: respond first. In the case of Hurricane Harvey, medical transportation was a crucial piece of the puzzle in making sure that the people who endured the storm were safe and cared for appropriately.

While Texas has still not recovered from the storm, the fact that so many good people are involved in helping Texans recover bodes well for the state. In the face of disaster, the way people come together is a huge part of how quickly and well a place can get back to “normal.” For many cities, citizens look to their first responders to lead the way and model appropriate behavior. When people see their first responders putting the best interests of the people first, they are more likely to do so for their friends and neighbors. It is because of this type of behavior that Americans are able to bounce back from tragedy.

It is important to always believe in the resourcefulness of each other, of professionals and of entire communities. Often times disaster can test the resolve of a community and sometimes it can seem like a difficult fight to prove resilience. However, in the instance of Texas and Hurricane Harvey, Texans have been inspired by their first responders and each other. They’ve shown that they will band together, look out for one another and do their best to heal and bounce back stronger than ever before.