How to find the right medical cannabis doctor for you

medical cannabis card

If you are looking to get a medical cannabis card, chances are you are a bit worried about whether or not people will judge you. There is still a lot of misinformation floating around about why it is the people need medical marijuana and whether or not their intentions are good. The reality is, though, that medical marijuana has been helping thousands and thousands of people across the world manage symptoms from diseases, ease pain, lessen anxiety and provide other benefits for years. In fact, use of medical marijuana dates as far back as ancient China and has been a staple in the health plans of many cultures for generations.

If this makes you feel more confident in your decision to get a medical marijuana prescription, perhaps you are still a bit unsure about how to find the right doctor for you. These steps will help you to find the options in your area and narrow them down based on your needs.

  • First, do a quick internet search of all the medical marijuana facilities and doctors in your area. Ideally, you should look within a five to ten mile radius of your home (or smaller if you do not have a car or choose to use public transportation). This is because if the doctor is close to your house, it will be more convenient for you to go to appointments, get your prescription refilled and follow your health plan more regularly.
  • Next, pull up the ones around your home and sort them by ratings and reviews. You may want to spend a little time reading through these reviews and learning a bit about what other patients have to say about the doctor or facility. You should be able to get a good sense about which medical marijuana doctor you want to research more thoroughly.
  • Once you have created something of a short list, you can either look through websites, call the office or go visit in order to get a better sense of which facility will be the best fit for you. Sometimes talking on the phone or visiting in person will give you the best information because you can truly get an idea of the vibe, the customer service and the flow of the office. The right doctor and facility for you should make you feel comfortable and calm.
  • If you have a friend who has a medical marijuana prescription, you can also ask them where they go and how they feel about it. The reality is, however, not everyone is comfortable discussing marijuana, so the above tips will help you find a doctor on your own without needing to talk about it with other people.

Finding the right medical marijuana doctor for you is an important decision and one you should make after doing a bit of research. As mentioned above, your comfort is of utmost important and should be something you prioritize on your search for a doctor. Once you find the right doctor for you, you can get a prescription and go forth in managing pain, easing anxiety or any other symptoms you may want to manage.