Military Watches

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A common mistake which people make nowadays is that they Mix up the diving watches with the military watches. The fact of the matter is that a “Military watch” is a generic name for all those watches which are being worn by the soldiers. We commonly see that many people who are not professional divers where a diving watch just as a fashion, the same formula applies on the military watches as well as these watches are very stylish and can also be worn by the people who are not professional soldiers.


Military Field watches and their features:

A common name used for a military watch is “tactical watch”. The tactical watches consist of analog designs and are in most of the cases self-winding. However there has been an improvement in this regard as nowadays we have digital format tactical watches as well. A tactical watch normally consists of a casting which is manufactured via stainless steel however some watches consists of plastic and metal casting as well.

A Tactical watch is often large in design and can go up to a diameter of 40mm. Since the watch is large hence one doesn’t feel any discomfort in reading the hands and the dials. The numerals of the watch consist of a high contrast. Another important feature of a tactical watch is that it doesn’t consist of a shiny surface which is basically a defense mechanism. A shiny surface can cause a reflection which may expose the soldier to the enemy.

The military watches usually come in colors like black, blue or dark blue as these are camouflage colors. The watch is very strong and is ideal to be used in tough conditions. The robust nature of the watch can be gauged from the below mentioned facts

  • These watches are waterproof
  • The straps of the watch are dirt resistant
  • The strap of the watch is manufactured through tough rubber and canvas straps.


Military watches: Continued

A thing which you need to keep into consideration while buying a military watch is that these watches are not suitable to be worn in business meetings as the design and the style of the watch is not formal. Not only business meetings, the watch is not at all suitable for any kind of formal gathering. The watch is ideally suited for settings of rugged and outdoor nature.

Since the military watches are now used by nonmilitarypersonnel as well hence the designers of these watches come up with new innovations and designs every now and then. The Military watches that can be found in the markets today are more fashionable then those that were available in the past.

Finding a military watch would not be difficult for you as these watches can be found in common watch stores nowadays. The prices of these watches differ in terms of their design and features. Today we have online stores as well through which you can easily order a military field watch of your choice.

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