The deals on window installation are hotter than they have been in a very long time. People that might have been holding off on buying new windows because they couldn’t afford them should go and check out the prices that are being offered on new windows right now. In many cases, windows that might typically cost several hundred dollars can now be found for a fraction of the price. Online sites such as,, are not only offering amazing deals on windows, they are also cheap window installation, making the offers that much more tempting. Below we are going to discuss the main reasons why this is the best possible time to have new windows installed.

At the end of the year the window companies start to offer unbelievable deals because they have to make room for the new windows that will be arriving during the first months of the next year. While there are always some pretty hot deals on windows at the end of the year, this coming December is going to bring in some of the best deals to have been seen in decades. There are a lot of major window companies that are coming out with new lines of window in 2018, and what means they want to get rid of this year’s windows as fast as possible. There have been a lot of new window makers that have started making window in the last few years, and that has caused business in the window industry to become much more competitive. One of the methods which are being used to win customers has been to design new styles for windows. The coming year will have more new window styles than any of the past five years combined. People looking to take advantage of the deals on this year’s windows had better move quickly, as the 2017 models are selling at record rates.

For the first time in the history of the windows industry in this country, people can purchase windows from overseas at prices which are as low and sometimes even lower than local window brands. The influx of windows from overseas means that people can get some amazing deals on windows that might not be commonly seen here in our country. One of the most popular kinds of windows that have been arriving from overseas has been colored windows from India. While there may be some unique windows on sale from foreign companies, we would recommend that people not buy from any overseas company that is not already well-established in the USA, as many reports have been made about windows arriving from other countries with serious defects.

Finally, people that want to take advantage of cheap window installation ought to order windows quick because new tax codes aimed at internet sales may soon take effect. The internet has always been the cheapest place to buy windows because of the fact that people don’t pay taxes when they buy items online. New tax codes are set to go into effect this coming year which would finally set tax codes for all online purchases.