Oil and gas exploration is complex.

http://www.majrresources.comWhen someone turns on their stove or starts their car to go to work, they rarely give a second thought to the gas and oil that make those things possible. When you look closer at how gas and oil are extracted, refined into something usable, and then shipped around the world, you start to realize just how complex and incredible a process this really is. There are few things more complex than oil and gas exploration.

The first step towards having oil in your car or gas to power your home is for a company to go out and find that oil and gas. This is where gas and oil exploration begins. Companies send their representatives around the world with high-powered and advanced equipment to search for oil and gas. They look on land, they look at the poles, and they look at sea, and they use their equipment to survey the land to see if oil or gas might lie underneath. Once they identify an area that might hold a massive oilfield or gasfield, the next step is to bring in even more employees and experts, including scientists, to verify their find.

Once an oilfield or gasfield has been confirmed, the next step is figuring out how to extract the resources from the ground. The equipment and technologies that oil and gas companies use to do this are some of the most advanced on the planet. They’re able to drill down hundreds of feet, insert pipes and tubes, and then draw the resources they want to the surface. It’s complex and difficult work, and it’s taken decades and decades to develop the technologies that make this possible.

After the oil or gas has been extracted from the ground, the next step is to figure out how to store it. Once again, this took a long time to develop. But today companies can ship huge amounts of oil and gas virtually anywhere in the world. It’s time consuming and often quite expensive, but it’s all possible, and that’s because of the hard work and innovative minds of the people in the industry.

Of course, the complexities of oil exploration extend beyond finding the oil, extracting it, and shipping it, but also extend to the processes of refining it. Most oil and natural gas has to be converted into another form to be usable by modern equipment, so the oil and gas have to go to refineries where that process occurs.

On top of all of this, there are also the complexities of securing mineral rights from landowners and governments, drawing up oil leasing documents, adhering to the regulations and laws of different regions and countries, and ensuring that the company is operating under the law. To help them do this, oil companies typically will work with an outside firm like MAJR Resources that’s an expert in the logistical and legal aspects of oil and gas drilling. As you can see, the process of getting gas to your car is far more complex than most people realize.