Water park restoration is just a fact of life for water park owners.

http://www.slideriteusa.com/When you own or manage a water park, some things just become a part of your life. For example, during the summer your days are always going to be filled with lots of activity. There are going to be children running around everywhere screaming their heads off, people laughing and joking about the latest ride they went on, and lots of people standing in line to grab some food from your food shacks. There are also going to be lots of trainings you’re doing with your employees regarding how to stay safe, how to make sure that the customers are safe, and how to spot any issues with any of the rides.

On top of all of that, you’re always going to be taking part in water park restoration. Water park restoration refers to the act of restoring various parts of a water park. Simple enough, right? You might not realize this, but water does a fair bit of damage over time. Remember, it’s water that created all of the canyons on this planet. Of course, that took millions of years, but it doesn’t take water too long to start to damage a piece of equipment. For example, virtually every single year you’re going to have to do some form of restoration to all of the rides that use water. Since you’re running a water park, it seems safe to assume that that’s about all of the rides in your facility. Over time, the water will start to leak through the plastic, it will start to eat away at the steps up to the ride, and it’ll start to damage the concrete pool at the bottom of the ride that safely catches all of the people coming down. Eventually, all of your slides are going to need to be restored.

The amount of water slide restoration will vary from one ride to the next. Some rides see a lot more wear-and-tear because they have more riders and because the water is running more quickly. The faster the water is running down a particular ride, the more damage that water is going to do. It’s basic physics. Thus, those types of rides might need a new gel coat every single year, or you might need to replace entire sections of the slide annually. Other rides will need far less restoration. Some of them might just need a fresh coat of paint, while others might only need to be wiped down and checked for safety issues.

The point being made above is that each ride is going to differ in how much restoration it needs. This is why it’s great to have a water park contractor like SlideRite in your corner. Their highly trained professionals have worked on water park restoration for years, and they know what to look for when they’re checking on the integrity of various rides. They’ll be able to identify how much work each ride needs, and what type of restoration is going to be right for a particular ride.