As an Inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service and motorcycle rider, I always make sure I wear the best safety equipment available. In Puerto Rico I spend many hours in direct sunlight, on the road, and on the water. Your sleek and comfortable Hellfly with photochromic lenses sunglasses were field tested, subjected to many different light changing scenarios and came through as the best I have ever worn. These sunglasses are tough, resilient, scratch resistant and have a stylish look.

I definitely would recommend your glasses to any person and organization that requires the best that are available.

Senior Inspector, U.S. Marshals Service

8 hrs of rookie firearms and another 8 hrs for SRT/SWAT…

I wore your stuff all day and as conditions changed, I just swapped out the lenses. I have a little plastic Tupperware container in my SRT bag that has different safety glasses in it – smoke, amber, clear and mirrored. That container is no longer needed in my bag. For the past 3 weeks I have been behind Revision Eyewear, literally, and I will be behind them again for another week, starting Monday morning for another 16 hr day… I like your product. It performs.

KS, SRT/Swat

“I am a U.S. NAVY SEAL veteran of three combat deployments to IRAQ and multiple other ‘sandbox’ locations. I have been issued, privately purchased and used all the name brand eye wear systems on the market while operating in the real world, from riding in a dust filled HMMWV to Point Man on door breached entries, using everything from shooting glasses to goggles and none of them even come close to Revisions innovations, clarity, fog resistance, and durability. I have been using and testing Revision eye-wear shooting glasses and goggles for over one year now and will never use anything but Revision in the future. Thanks for your product.”

SOC, SEAL Chief, D.W.

In addition to performing explosives research and developing explosive-driven pulsed-power devices for military and civilian applications, Loki Incorporated has contracts for ballistic tests on an engineering level for several small businesses. The advanced military armor concepts tested under these contracts must be lighter and higher-performing than standard ceramic and rolled-homogeneous armor (RHA) materials. Consequently, the armors are very hard components.

Most of these tests take place with the targets placed 15 to 25 feet from  the muzzle of the test weapon; unfortunately, for the person shooting the ballistic tests the advanced armors tend to strip the jacket from the armor-piercing cores of the projectiles and throw chunks of the jacket back at the weapon position. In addition, pieces of the armor tend to “splash” back at the shooter. As the shooter for Loki, I must have the best ballistic eye protection for these tests. I can perform some tests remotely, but for efficiency’s sake on most small target tests, I must be behind the weapon’s butt to ensure that the projectile hits exactly where it is supposed to hit.

I wear Revision’s Sawfly ballistic eyewear when I shoot armor tests. Since the Sawfly’s ballistic resistance is certified (ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standard, with high velocity impact performance threetimes greater than required by ANSI Z87.1; meets U.S. military eyewear ballistic impact resistance requirements [MIL-PRF-31013, clause and MIL-DTL-43511D, clause 3.5.10]), I can perform tests with the confidence to concentrate on hitting an exact spot on the target instead of being distracted by concerns that I will lose an eye to shrapnel.

In addition, the eyewear is so comfortable that I wear it when I participate in shooting sports and as an NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer. The eyewear does not distort my peripheral vision, which is important when I have to keep an eye on several students or shooters on the line.

J Baird, Ph.D. – Lt. Col. USAF Retired – Pres. Loki Incorporated

“I wear the Sawfly glasses exclusively at the range now and would not be without them!  I have many other pairs of shooting glasses and yours are what I wear. Clear and comfortable with a good field of vision, what more would you need? “

SJW Law Enforcement

“I am a wildland firefighter and I just wanted to comment on the durability and the comfort of the Revision Sawfly glasses in my work environment. The lenses hold strong and have not significantly scratched, even though enduring long hours of debris from saw cutting and other aspects of the job. The sunglasses do not fog up as much as other glasses that I have tried in the smokey environments and the ease of changing the lenses makes day shift to night shift cutting and work hassle free as far as vision is concerned. These glasses also have been dropped and abused many times and still hold strong. I would highly recommend these glasses to anyone in my field.”

Pete Martin – Prescott National Forest

“…We were all wearing our Sawflys upon arrival to Afghanistan. My job was .50/MK 19 gunner, and the Sawflys kept the majority of the wind out of my eyes, and they were comfortable and durable.

On one mission, we were on our way to the AO riding on a paved road, and the truck in front of mine was hit with an IED. The gunner was wearing his Sawflys which caught some shrapnel, none of which penetrated. We are all very grateful that your company makes a superior product…”


“…your product lives up to a soldiers expectations, by far this is the best pair of ballistic eyewear I have ever worn…”

SSG B.B. 101st Airborne Division

“The Sawfly glasses are outstanding and the optical quality has proven to be the best I’ve ever tested. I have had great success shooting during high light conditions and using the solar lens or utilizing night optics and clear lens… The importance of flawless optics and clear vision when shooting at distances greater than 800 meters can not be over stated! I have used glasses that cost 3 times your products cost and have not been as satisfied as I am with your Sawfly glasses.

Thanks and you are helping to take the fight to the enemy by providing superior products and protection to our soldiers.”

T.H., Accuracy 1st

“These goggles are great… I figured that if your goggles could stand up to motorcycle riding they will stand up in convoys. So after receiving these goggles I decided to try your “No Fog” goggles out here in the early Maryland morning. For 5 days I rode my Harley into work. I stopped at every stop light breathed toward the goggles. These goggles would not fog; I would ride on the interstate for 20 mins at highway speed, and also at speeds of 40mph for 30 min, crossed over major waterways where the air temp is different. Once again these goggles would not fog.

The field of view on the Locust goggles is great I never had to tip my head down to look at my speedometer, just a quick eye movement down… These Locust goggles are definitely keepers. I am going to take the Locust’s with me on my upcoming deployment.”


“…The goggles have held up well under the rigors of combat operations. The Desert Locust Goggle fits well and comfortably with the ACH helmet and the CVC helmet. One of the best features of the goggle is the ability to interchange prescription inserts with our Sawfly Glasses.

We have also used the goggles in varying weather conditions and they have never fogged up allowing my gunners to have a clear view of their targets.”

CSM R.E. 82nd Airborne Division

“…The field of view is excellent and the fog resistance of these goggles is exceptional. I tested them against another name brand goggle system that was issued and I have since made the Desert Locust the system of choice.”


“Outstanding peripheral vision, good fit… best goggles I’ve ever seen.”


“I am on a full time Swat team and I have been using the Desert Locust. It has been a durable and reliable goggle for what we use it for we put it through intense trainings and situations. It holds up to its name and creditability. I recommend this product to anyone that is going into combat or training. I was very much impressed with its flexibility and at the same time its durability. I stand behind the goggle for it has only been a positive piece of equipment.”


“Your Rx carrier system is superior to others because the lenses stay more or less parallel to the wearer’s face, reducing distortion…”


“What a good piece of gear! The Rx inserts are inside plastic holders, snap on to the top of the nosepiece and are virtually invisible to the wearer.

I don’t even notice they are in the glasses…”


“By far the most comfortable over-helmet, eye pro that I have ever worn. No fogging, zero fogging, did I mention they do not fog? Even during high speed maneuvers, the goggles remained secure, without the discomfort of over tightening the head-strap… Impacts from thrown road debris left no visible dents or scratches on the lenses…”

B.G. Virginia Beach, VA

“The Ants rocked! We did VBSS and I had no fogging issues at all. Some of the guys even asked who made them because they noticed that I could still see after clearing the engine room and bilge areas. We also conducted some explosive breaching at an old building and while the vast majority complained of getting dust and grit in their eyes, I was unaffected. They worked great on the range as well. Again, another awesome product.”

Be safe, USN SEAL

Last week I was riding down the road on my motorcycle wearing the Hellfly glasses you gave me.  I turned to look at something and they flew off my face.  They were lying in the street in the same position they would have been in had they been on my face.  I turned around to retrieve them and watched in horror as a car ran smack over them.

One of the lenses popped out and another car ran over that lens again.  I went back and picked up the glasses, ran down the street and picked up the runaway lens.  It took me a minute, but I got the lens to pop back in, adjusted the nose piece, put them back on my face, and rode off.  The one lens is slightly scratched but not too badly.  The rest of the glasses look like new.  I’ll never wear any other kind of glasses.

MSG B.M., National Guard

I just gave your glasses the ultimate test! I was in “Snap Fitness” this morning working out…I was in there for about 2 hours and the A/C was cranked up. I walked out into the heat and humidity of Texas in July (96F and 93% humidity), threw on my glasses and they never fogged up. I had removed the nose piece, so they would sit closer to my face, which “should” slow the airflow off the lenses, but it didn’t make a difference, they were clear the whole time.

While I was on the treadmill, I saw a lot of people walk out of the front door and have to stop; their glasses had fogged over completely. But, not your glasses after using the anti-fog cloth…THANK YOU, AGAIN!

CY – PJ, Air Force

Tested by an Officer from Kentucky:

“I tested the Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses from Revision Eyewear. I wore them in daily patrol as well as training scenarios (Tactical & Firearms). The kit included a cleaning cloth and a hard-shell case for protection. The sunglasses that I received were black in color with smoke lenses. The company offers other designs for individual preferences. I wore the glasses during normal patrol duties and found them to be comfortable, much better than the ones I was wearing. The lenses exceeded military specifications ballistically, offered 100% protection from UV Light, had a wrap around design and were very professional in design. During recent training, I wore them and they performed as advertised. The weather was windy and rainy. The design of the glasses didn’t allow dust into my eyes. We have a gravel range and when it gets windy the dust seems to get everywhere. The rain rolled off the lenses and not once did they fog. The glasses have an adjustable nosepiece which was a plus especially when using a helmet. This didn’t bother me from the pressure of the helmet as other glasses have in the past.

Overall, the glasses performed exceptionally with no problems. The hardshell case was a plus especially when storing them inside my tactical call-out bag. The glasses offered comfort, protection, and quality. They have a superior product with innovative design qualities at a reasonable price. Overall I recommend the glasses, especially if you are looking for the feature I mentioned earlier. A+ Product”

“We are a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (MC) that rides thousands of miles every season. We have been using Revision Eye Wear as our club’s official eye protection while on our trips and everyday riding because they are durable and can stop any stone or debris that the road shoots up at you. We’re always asked ‘What kind of shades are those?’ and after we show people what these sunglasses are capable of, they are sold. We recommend Revision to all our friends and clubs. The SHAMROCKS M/C ( are grateful there is a product out there that we, as bikers, can count on.”

D.M., President and Founder Shamrocks MC Vermont

“I have been in Law Enforcement for nearly 14 years, working in numerous tactical units including 7 years as an undercover narcotics operator, 10 years as a SWAT entry team member and 3 years as an adjunct instructor teaching Close Quarter Combat. I am currently assigned to the Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement Unit and still an active member of SWAT.

The ever increasing level of violence in our communities has made “routine” law enforcement contacts more dangerous than ever before. Wearing protective eyewear is a necessity for all officers. The risk of injury to the eyes comes not only from ballistic attacks and projectiles but also from fluids directed at the officer. The challenge is how to use protective eyewear without adding to the already complex situations discovered in law enforcement.

Recently I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to several styles of tactical eyewear from REVISION Eyewear. Our SWAT team has been very impressed with the Bullet Ant and Hellfly tactical glasses in all tactical applications. When I ride my motor at work I wear the Hellfly glasses. I have found that with REVISION Eyewear my level of eye protection is at the highest level I could attain.”

Deputy J. R., SCSO SWAT

“I wanted to write you in regards to your Hellfly Tactical Eyewear. I work for a Fugitive Task Force along with the United States Marshals. Our job is fugitive retrieval and we commonly find ourselves chasing our targets into dark houses and buildings. Your Hellfly glasses are an outstanding addition to my gear, as I am still able to go from the sunlight of outside to the darkness of a basement without losing my eye protection.

I am also a sniper on our S.W.A.T. team. Several of our team members are using your tactical eye wear and swear by them. Your glasses provide superior protection compared to other glasses I have used and cut down on the sun glare allowing for easy target acquisition. Your tactical glasses allow for great visibility without sacrificing durability and function. Thank you for your great products and your attention to detail is well appreciated.”

Deputy H. W.