Top 5 Edibles for Medical Cannabis or Recreational Marihuana Consumption

If you live in a marijuana-friendly state such as Colorado, then you would have easy access to medical cannabis and recreational marihuana through cannabis dispensary locations. It would also mean that whenever you need marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, you have a variety of options.  You will have an array of cannabis-related items at your disposal whenever you make a visit to your local cannabis boutique.

The items found in a cannabis dispensary would, of course, include the much needed and sought after flower, but would also have other offerings such as concentrates, which you could use in various items and drinks by yourself; as well as edibles, that by themselves come in different shapes and forms.

Edibles often come as delicious snacks, with just the added quality of being infused with the medicinal and recreational properties that have made marijuana so popular. Thus, whether you are thinking about making your very first trip to a cannabis dispensary or just making a return visit, looking at the top 5 edibles could serve as great inspiration.


The Different Types of Edibles to Enjoy with Medical Cannabis and Recreational Marijuana


  • Brownies

Medical Cannabis


These are perhaps the most clichéd of items that you could have when thinking about edibles. However, it is clichéd for a reason. Brownies containing cannabis are nothing but delicious, and regardless of whether you are having them as a source of medical cannabis or recreational marihuana, edible brownies never disappoint.


  • Cookies

Just like brownies, marijuana cookies also remain just as popular and provide a distinct and wonderful taste. What makes them great is that you can save them for longer periods of time, and munch on them throughout the day while taking a break.

  • Chocolates

One of the many reasons why brownies and cookies are so popular with the consumption of medical cannabis or recreational marihuana is due to the flavor profile of chocolate, and how well it goes with the distinct flavor of marijuana. Thus, when you can get your hands on a marijuana-infused chocolate bar, your best bet is to say yes to the opportunity.

  • Suckers

You can enjoy having a sucker during a lazy day at home or having a backyard party with your friends. These come in a variety of flavors and remain a fun way to enjoy the consumption of marijuana.

  • Milkshakes

While these remain an option that is not readily available at a cannabis boutique for the reason of being perishables, you can easily make them at home by following simple recipes that would allow you to consume medical cannabis or recreational marihuana.

Now that you have our list of the top 5 munchies, visit your local cannabis dispensary and try them out.  or even find other often overlooked snacks that might tickle your fancy. Your goal should be to treat yourself while being compliant with the local law and have an overall happy day with your bought snacks.

Go and explore your local area, take the edge off, try some out and live a little!